Statues without Controversy

The New York Talking Statues Project is now live, in all five boroughs, and all you need to enjoy it is a cell phone and a few minutes.  Go to one of the 35 statues on the website’s map, scan the QR code you will find next to the statue, and the statue will call you and tell you his/her story.

You can hear famous Americans such as Washington, Lincoln, Tubman and Douglass; people who figured in New York history such as Peter Stuyvesant and Giovanni da Verrazzano; creative artists such as Shakespeare, Robert Burns, Gertrude Stein and Hans Christian Andersen; and world historical figures such as Confucius, Ghandi Joan of Arc and Bolivar.  Also the Goddess Athena, a group of immigrants, and Balto the Dog.  And if you go to the statue of Beethoven on the Mall in Central Park, you will be hearing me, in German and English.

Check the project’s website for full details.  Have fun!

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