What is Kramer Vox?

 is where you go when you need a deep, friendly voice to help you share ideas about the world and our place in it.

I’m Bruce Kramer, the voice actor behind the mic. I provide compelling and reliable voiceover services in English and German. I’m a native English speaker. My German is near neutral (Hochdeutsch, as spoken in and around Hannover). If you need a character voice, my services include English with the accent of a native German speaker, and German with the accent of a native English speaker. I can also provide you with correct pronunciations in some of the other languages I’ve studied: French, Italian and Latin (classical or ecclesiastical). In addition, my experience in the world of business means that I can provide credible, knowledgeable readings of scripts containing technical jargon from the world of finance and economics.

To learn more about me, please visit my bio or training pages. Or browse through my studio specs to see what I use to produce professional quality voiceover for clients like you around the world. If you would like additional details not available on my website, you can reach me at 1.646.598.8450, or send me an email at your convenience. And of course, scroll up and hit that player button to listen to my voiceover demos. These sound clips will help you determine if my voice and delivery are right for your project. Thanks!